Farming & Growing

Farming is both exciting and challenging. We have compiled knowledge about how things grow and why some growing methods might be preferred over other methods. The following information is offered to help expand awareness of methods of organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

In the simplest terms, organic growing or farming is based on maintaining a living soil with a diverse population of micro and macro soil organisms. Organic matter is maintained in the soil through the addition of compost, animal manure, and green manures and the avoidance of excess tillage and nitrogen applications. Another common aspect of organic agriculture is growing plants without synthetic fertilizers or pest control chemicals.

The organic ethic and survival of small farms is important. Our goal is to keep people and the environment as healthy and happy as possible. Eliminating exposure to poisons intended to kill things is common sense. Eating the most nutritious and freshest food is common sense.

Understanding why a process or practice is done a certain way, or why we think the way we do can often be accomplished by looking at the historical evolution of human learning and perception. The history of agriculture and the human perception of how plants grow are both well documented and can help us be better farmers.